Saturday, June 13, 2009

Great giveaway...

Awesome book, great recipes!

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Friday, June 12, 2009

The AMAZING Amy Butler!

I am such a fan of anything Amy Butler makes! She inspires me with her fabric and patterns. This was the first Amy Butler project I ever did- The birdie sling. I love it because it is a huge bag and works so well as a diaper bag. I did make my own smaller version of the bag (the purple one) and it's fun for those times I go out without 15 diapers. *Nicole, stole the top pic off your blog!*

I heart babylegs!

These are so fun. I started seeing a lot of these a year ago and wanted to make some. Over Here is a great tutorial. Super cute under a skirt or great for cushioning those little knees that are learning to crawl!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Art apron

As opposed to the crayon roll-up, I made some crayon aprons. I have had my daughter take hers to church many times so that we keep her dress (and the bench fabric) crayon free, and I don't have the people behind me handing me strays every 5 minutes!

Lil' Owls

You know when you make something you love and you have to re-create it 14 other times in 14 other ways? A few months ago I had an owl fetish. This top one is on a little girls apron and the bottom owl is appliqued on my daughters shirt. Super easy project using felt and a lot of "leftovers"- scraps, ric rac and buttons.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

easy beginner bag

This bag is a great beginner sewer bag. I got the tutorial here. This one was made for Ellie's teacher for the last day of school. I love it because it opens so wide, I think I am gonna make these again for my kiddo's, they would make GREAT library bags!!

Little Mister T's

If you need a fast inexpensive shower gift for a little boy this one is perfect. They are easy and you get to use up your leftover scrap pieces.
Also for sale here.

Felt hair clips

I saw these online a few months ago and had to make them pronto!! I love them, and they are so easy to make. I highly recommend them for girls that have fine hair, (like my girls, go figure-I am covered in it) The felt helps hold the hair in place and not slip.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Latest Project

Baby showers galore! I have two friends that are having baby girls around the same time. I love making stuff for little girls! So I made Rachel's baby girl a rag quilt...

The pictures are dark because it was so late when I finished!
And, I just posted this on my family blog, but I made Amie some girl stuff for her first baby girl...
The flowers on the handle are clips, I have a tutorial on those coming soon.


Thanks for stopping by my hobby blog! Grandma.........Mom....and maybe a cousin or two! This is a record mostly for me but please come and feel free to make this stuff for you and yours!!
Also, I love seeing what others make, so if you have a fun project you just did or a tutorial you want to share, submit it to me!! I would love to post it for others to see or try.
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