Friday, September 4, 2009

Birthday Tea Party

At our house Birthdays are a big deal and we go all out...and a little overboard. We switch off doing family parties one year and a big friends party the next.
This one was Ellies first friend party and at the time she was HUGE into tea parties so we made that the theme. Ellie is also All Girl so everything was pink and pretty. I made purse invites for all the girls telling them to make sure they all wore their favorite pretty dress..(Mind you, all of these pictures were taken before we had a nice camera ;) When the girls arrived we played a butterfly catching game and then the girls got to decorated sun hats. Then we went down stairs where I had set up a table with fancy china and tea cups. This is a horrible picture but we draped sheer fabric up to the ceiling to for a tent like area and filled it with balloons.
The girls had brunch downstairs while the mommies ate upstairs. We opened presents and then ate some cake. It was a huge jewelry box that the girls got to pick some jewelry from to put on and keep. As the girls left they took home purses filled with make up, stickers and fingernail polish. It was our first big Birthday party and the one that made me wish we could do it every year!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Birthday tins

Another favorite project for birthday presents. I love starting with just a blank white tin lunch box and making it fit the personality of the Birthday girl.
You can get these tin lunch boxes at any craft store usually, I get mine from a scrapbook store in town.

Photo Blocks

These are such great gift ideas and with Christmas just around the corner I am trying to plan in advance!!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Get your Craft on!

Look at all the fun creative ladies out there!!