Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Christmas tradition book!

I have been sewing for weeks and have some knots in my back that are going to require a masseuse. Yikes!
Anyway, so I am taking a break from that and going to post about some fun Christmas gift and craft ideas that don't involve a needle and thread.
First up, Family Christmas tradition books.
I posted about these here on my personal family blog last year, and thought I would share.A few years ago one of my best friends called me up and said she was putting together a book of traditions for Christmas. She had a large number of people submit their favorite family Holiday traditions along with their families favorite Christmas movies, recipes, crafts, stories and songs.
She took all of the information and turned it into a fantastic book. There is a page or two for every day and each day has a scripture, a story, a song, a craft and a treat idea/recipe. This pic is from the 2nd day where we learned about the nativity and made a marshmallow baby Jesus wrapped in swaddling clothes (taffy). My kids thought this book was just the coolest thing last year and we made sure not to miss a single day. This is the last day where we put on our family tradition of the nativity with all the grand kids and grandpa reading it from the scriptures.
The best part is that in the back there is a whole section of kids games and a list of movies and several pockets full of everyones favorite Christmas music!!

This would be a pretty inexpensive gift and would definitely be a part of the Christmas memories for years to come!