Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Daddy's Tie Snakes

If you have any of your husband's or brother's or grandpa's ties laying around and they don't get worn...DON"T THROW THEM AWAY!!!
Make these for someone instead.
I took the tie (sorry forgot to take pictures) and cut it about mid-way then layed it out on coordinating fabric, pinned it and used it as a pattern. Cut.
After coordinating piece it's cut, pin both pieces (right sides together), not forgetting to stick in a pre cut tongue, facing in. This is where it was a little tricky... I sewed all the way around but left a 3 inch opening about 4 inches away from the end of the tail and another one half way between the head and the middle of the body. It is really Hard to pull that tail right side out, but if you take your time it is possible. A large chopstick helps. Once the snake is turned right side out you should still have 2 openings. Blanket stitch the one by the tail closed. Then comes the filling. I used beans and made sure to push the beans all the way down the tail. Don't over fill!! You'll want this snake to be bent and coiled when played with.
Once it is filled to your liking, blanket stitch the 2nd opening shut. For eyes you could have sewn on buttons before sewing the 2 pieces together but I just made it simple and cut out small circles of felt, sewed on a button and then hot glued the felt to the snake after it was put together.
All done! Fun, Easy and a hit for my 4 year old.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Getting ready...

We are expecting a new baby boy in our house at the end of May so I have been in full on baby mode. I just made this fun car seat cover. And I am praying that it is gonna be the right length since I didn't have the shade thingy for the car seat, it's in storage, so I shoved pillows in to what I think is the right height.
I LOVE it and cant wait to have a little baby under it!