Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Serious DVD makeover!

My dream is to walk into every single room of my home and every little thing has a place and is organized. Because it will be 17+ years before I have all my mess makers out of my house....I just like to dream. But when things start to look something like this:

...(a close replica of all of our family DVD's) then things have got to change.

Husband brought home a bunch of these awesome storage boxes and we got to work pulling DVD's out of their cases, put into sleeves, labeled and alphabetized.



When all was said and done. ALL of our massive collection fit nice and neat into these 2 boxes.

I'll tell you, I loved this project so much I went around the house looking for more things I could downsize.

I love it. My kids love it. Project 1 of 3,497----DONE!