Thursday, March 24, 2011

for baby

So I have been doing a bit of sewing the last few days. Thought I would cross another "gotta make this some day" thing off my list.


This baby blanket/play-mat is one I just finished.
Idea and tutorial found here.

Even though all the cutting took forever, this thing actually was really quick to put together.

I didn't find the exact background material that I wanted so I had to pick another. Besides the fact that it might make your eyes cross a little after a while I LOVE it.

To be honest, after I made it I kinda wanted to keep it for my own. :(
Great project, fun for a gift.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

baptism towel

My daughter is turning 8 this year along with about 5 of her best girlfriends. One of them had a birthday last week and so I thought a baptism towel would be fitting.

I have had these towels in my "things to make" folder for so long I was actually really excited to get to start making some.
The poem that goes with it is so perfect and sweet. I have been gathering tonz of ideas for baptisms and can't wait till it's Ellie's turn.
Idea found here.