Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Christmas Cookie Cans

I have Christmas on the brain. As soon as it starts to get cold all I want to do is curl up in my comfy socks and drink apple cider.

These are a few gift idea's that we had for sale in my sister and I's booth at the crafters market a few years ago. I love them for friends or the ladies you visit teach. Easy and adorable!

These cans are available at most any craft store, add cute Christmas scrapbook paper and matching ribbon with Pod Podge. Add in a cute fabric napkin, cookie mix or two, choclate chips, wooden spoons and some fun cookie cutters hanging from the handle.
Walah!! This next can was on the less expensive side. A Hot Cocoa Can. The can is smaller and just has the cocoa mixes, chocolate and candy canes.And I had to throw this one in as well. Not Christmas-ish at all but it was so fun. It's a can fit for a girlie girl, it is packed with girl stuff and what princess wouldn't want one of these for their birthday?


Laurel @ Ducks in a Row

Is it that time already? These are super cute, and useful - a great combination!

Melissa @ Domestic Goddess In Training

Hmm, that is super cute, but I bet you could use formula cans too. I am cheap and I hate that I throw those cans away. Maybe I will try that...thanks for the idea :o)


SOOOO CUTE! Dont forget to add:

Wishing you a "SWEET" Holiday Season!

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