Friday, October 9, 2009

sweater dress

~Crap to Craft~

I have had this old sweater since high school and held onto it because I love the colors.

*note- this picture was taken after I had already started to cut into it. I always forget to get my camera out*

It has become smaller and smaller on me it seems so I wanted to re-fashion it and thought a yummy fall sweater dress for Macie was perfect:

I should have waited till morning to snap some pictures but knew I would forget.

I love how it turned out and am now running off to my closet to find more old sweaters to chop up!

Tutorial over at Get your Craft on.


The Harris Family

Very cute! It makes me want to dig in my clostet for some sweaters.


I love it!!!! You did a great job...thanks for sharing!!!


Philip, Melissa, & Summer

I love it. I think I'll make just one. We live in Houston and therefore we only get to wear warm things for a few weeks. I love it!


Seriously adorable! I love it!


So cute, love it!


Great job on the sweater dress. I followed over to you from the other blog. Your little angel is adorable.

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