Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Christmas tradition book!

I have been sewing for weeks and have some knots in my back that are going to require a masseuse. Yikes!
Anyway, so I am taking a break from that and going to post about some fun Christmas gift and craft ideas that don't involve a needle and thread.
First up, Family Christmas tradition books.
I posted about these here on my personal family blog last year, and thought I would share.A few years ago one of my best friends called me up and said she was putting together a book of traditions for Christmas. She had a large number of people submit their favorite family Holiday traditions along with their families favorite Christmas movies, recipes, crafts, stories and songs.
She took all of the information and turned it into a fantastic book. There is a page or two for every day and each day has a scripture, a story, a song, a craft and a treat idea/recipe. This pic is from the 2nd day where we learned about the nativity and made a marshmallow baby Jesus wrapped in swaddling clothes (taffy). My kids thought this book was just the coolest thing last year and we made sure not to miss a single day. This is the last day where we put on our family tradition of the nativity with all the grand kids and grandpa reading it from the scriptures.
The best part is that in the back there is a whole section of kids games and a list of movies and several pockets full of everyones favorite Christmas music!!

This would be a pretty inexpensive gift and would definitely be a part of the Christmas memories for years to come!



Wow! This is such a neat idea. I would love one of these books. You don't happen to sell them or or a pdf to make my own by chance? Great job!


Would love more info on this book. Could you pass along my email (merryagray@yahoo.com) to your best friend so I could find out more info on this? Please???!!!


I would love to have a copy of this file. Is that possible??? My email is quailene@gmail.com. Thank you!


I would love a copy too please! tiffanynorton@frontier.com , Thank you!


Are you posting a pdf or do we need to give you an email address? I love this idea, but I'm not quite creative enough to do it on my own! If you are sharing, could you please send me a copy...we are trying to come up with more ideas on making it more of a Christ centered Christmas instead of presents and Santa centered. Thanks! My email is froghighness@hotmail.com

Jeanne Monsen Tejada

I would love to have a copy too. My email is jeannetejada@gmail.com.

Meghan Goss

Please email the PDF docs to me too please!

Lucy Greenaway

This is awesome. Please send me the idea so i can make one of our own. lucinda.greenaway@yahoo.com


I would love a pdf or link,,,awesome idea. woowoo4@msn.com


I would like to have a copy also. If you are sharing, my email is tremae1@gmail.com


This is great. I would also love a copy if you are sharing! Email is

kristin mitchem

What a great idea. I've been looking for some great ideas to bring Christ into Christmas for my son. I grew up with the typical traditions of santa and decorating the tree. My husband isn't too crazy about them and I'm trying to keep the spirit of christmas, but making it centered around christ for my son.. Would love some more info about the book you made superm0mmi@yahoo.com


wow I have to agree with everyone else what a great idea! I too would love a copy of this if possible. my email is leeleeg53@yahoo.com

Jessica Powers

I would love to have a copy of this as well. It looks like an amazing way to bring out the true meaning of Christmas with my family as well as keep the little ones entertained. My email is jessica.powersfamily@gmail.com. Thank you!


Ditto to all of the above! Kelleygodbold@gmail.com


I would also please. Thanks. :)


I love this idea! Bring the true reason for the Christmas season to the home! If there is a pdf file available I would love a copy to share with my family. diane_maag@yahoo.com Thanks!


please send me a copy, my grandbabies would love to do this.


Love this! I would love a copy as well, if possible, my email is beckytfisher@gmail.com (there is a t in-between becky and fisher) Thank you!!!

The Hollemans

Wow...what an amazing idea!! If you are sharing the pdf file, my email is macintoshb@yahoo.com
Thank you!!


What a wonderful idea. I would love a a copy as well if that is possible. My e-mail is burtons1988@yahoo.com Thank you so much!!!

The Soppes

I'd love a copy if you are willing to share a PDF version. Brooke.soppe@gmail.com
Thank you

Heidi Dial

I would love a copy too. Hdial.ak@gmail.com

Nichcole Petersen

Me too, this is amazing


I would love to purchase a book like this or download. Can you send me more info. Thanks jaymilane@gmail.com


This is an awesome idea. I would love a copy or pdf. If your sending them out. My email address is doprz@hotmail.com. Thank you for sharing this great tradition.


I would love the pdf also please beccamerryweather@gmail.com


Can I have a copy as well? mchivers07@gmail.com


I would also like a copy please it would be greatly appreciated. Lrdunn83@gmail.com


What a neat idea! Id love a copy too!! Thank you! melina.boswell22@gmail.com


Same here jebrumback@yahoo.com


I would love a copy too! My email is mjstedman21@hotmail.com. Thank you for sharing!


I would love a copy too. Tdellinger83@gmail.com
Thank You!!


This is such a great idea. I would love a copy of the PDF if available. Thanks


I would also love a copy

Mary email Simkins

AWESOME idea!! I would LOVE a PDF copy -- email address is:mrsturtle05@gmail.com


I would love a printable off!! Melissa_bagheri@yahoo.com


Great idea!! Would also love a copy....ekberdette@yahoo.com...Thanks!

karen Stevenson

I would love to have a copy too. I am happy to purchase also! My email is wolfnettle@gmail.com thank you very much jaime xx


Would love a copy also. Love making more of the season Christ centered. This would be a wonderful idea for my grandchildren as well as children. My email is srohe33@msn.com Thank you.


I would like a copy. Please email me at cbatchel@hotmail.com

Liz Allen

I would love a copy too!!! Please email me at lizallen05@gmail.com


This is fabulous! May I too please have an email sent??!? Thank you! runak6@gmail.com


I like this idea too. May I also have a copy? Thanks email- marlene.wales@yahoo.com


I would love and appreciate a copy too! amlisamlemons@yahoo.com Thank you so much! Alisa


I would like a copy also please, if possible; chefmarymoo@gmail.com


I would love to share this with my family could you send me a copy to lynn@wallalaw.com

Nikki Glas

All of the above... If there's a way of getting hold of this... Buying or not I'm in....my email is... Nikki.glas@gmail.com
Thanks in advance :)


I would love to be able to get a copy so I can share with my family.
My email is mmkk0709@gmail.com

Thank you in advance :-)


Would love a copy for my family! Email is ashleyhcarr2@yahoo.com

Yvonne Jacobson

I would love to get a copy of this as well. Thanks! sumo_baby13@msn.com


I would love the pdf of this book, too. I think it would be a great gift for my newlywed sister. It's such a great idea!


Please send us a copy for our growing family and the Sunday school kiddos! roadog115@hotmail.com Thank you in advance!

Murphy Family

I would absolutely love thus PDF krd10@hotmail.com
Thanks a million


can you send me a PDF of this book ? My email is ksalvatore@rochester,rr.com Thank you

Nicole Furness

Please tell me I can purchase this or download it somewhere. Nicco19@msn.com


You have so many people who love this idea. I would love a copy to share with my 6 kiddos and I am also a VPK teacher at a Christian school and would love to incorporate this into my classroom. My e-mail is Hopkins.trisha@outlook.com. Please give me more information!

Kristen Ackerman

I would also like a copy. :) kristenackerman@ymail.com


Would love to purchase a pdf as well...kmaynard03@yahoo.com

Emily Teusch

I would like a copy. eteusch@hccsc.k12.in.us



would like a copy also felix2245@aol.com


If I could get a copy that would be such a blessing. Thank you.


This is beautiful and I would appreciate it greatly if you or someone else that has received the email could forward it to me as well. My email is iloveramie@hotmail.com Thank You and Merry Christmas!


Would love a copy ! Gretalou81@gmail.com

Chalet Richardson

Wow! I would love a copy if possible. My email is che_c999@hotmail.com

Kimberly Smith

I would really love a copy too! brikimsmith@hotmail.com


If this is still available, I would like a copy!! Email is christinewestphal@hotmail.com

Marilyn Baktawar

I would love a copy please. marilyn_baktawar@yahooca. Thank you so much!

Cassie and Allen Moore

I would love a copy If you don't mind. Thank you so much!!!!! my email is cassiejohnson08@yahoo.com


please, please! I would love to have a copy too.

mommy s

This is amazing if possible please send me a copy or let me know how to order this please thank you so muxh. Mommysperaw@gmail.com


Would love one as well! Purpleturkey_06@hotmail.com

The Jones's

Would love a copy! m3r1ssa.jones@gmail.com! TIA:)

The Herrins

I love this! Would love a copy! kmherrin1@gmail.com

Leslie Anderson

I would love to have a copy of this. What a wonderful idea. Thanks for being willing to share your ideas. Email is MLCHKDA@canby.com

Shannon Sanchez

Can I get a copy of this too? My email address is brandonandshannon25@gmail.com

Thank you!!


Would love a copy! Thanks I could use ideas for YW.


I have seen many many people requesting copies of this amazing idea. I can see how it might be very personal to your family but, if you are willing to share it or even just aspects of it that would be amazing. Or, if not, I would love some guidance to be able to create my own.

The Hollon Family

Me too, it is amazing.Ann.k.hollon@gmail.com


Just like all the rest...please email me a copy if possible! crawford.tiffanym@gmail.com


please email a copy thanks barbbk38@yahoo.com

Jacie & Nick Bennet

Also would love a copy if possible! Such an amazing idea. jaciebennett@gmail.com


I would love a copy if your willing. Bekah@weiss1.com


I would love a copy if your willing. Bekah@weiss1.com


I would love a copy if possible. Wonderful and inspiring idea! wisefarm00@gmail.com

Melanie Sonney

I love this book! this is such a great idea. Could you please send me the pdf.

Melanie Sonney

I love your book so much I forgot to send you my contact info. :)
my email is melaniesonney@gmail.com

Rachelle Dille

Are you sharing this? I have been looking for something like this. My email is dilledesigns@yahoo.com if you are. Thanks!


I would also love a copy if you are willing to share.Thanks!

Kristin Pettus

Such a great idea! If you are still emailing the file I'd love a copy. :)


please can you email copy to barbbk38@yahoo.com thanks


Hi, I too am interested in your book. Could you send me a tutorial or steps. My email is rivera.k03@gmail.com

Arlene Faulkner

Very interested if you share, arlene.faulkner1@gmail.com.

Jenny Aykroyd

Love this idea! Very interested in more information! Jenny.Aykroyd@gmail.com Thank you!


i also think this is an awesome idea and would also be very interested in having a copy as well! britblack19public@gmail.com


Is this something you share? Hoping so.I would love this. Thanks. Casemom5@gmail.com

Kylie Mostert

If you are sharing this I would love to have a copy!


If you or your friend (who gave it to you) would be willing to share this, I would love a copy. alarson86@gmail.com. Thank you!


Has anybody received a copy


I would love a copy as well! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful idea :) alana.rapacz@rogers.com


such a great idea. It's a bit sad though that so many folks have requested a copy or more info and yet you haven't answered their replies. I hope you are okay and that that isn't the reason you haven't replied back to these kind folks. :-)

Jennifer Eide

I don't know if its still possible to get a copy of this.... If so can I please get one? Jeneide12@Gmail.com


This is such an awesome idea! I would love to get a copy or purchase one if that's possible. My email is angelfigueroa4816@gmail.com. Thanks

Ellen Wolter Perry

I would be interested in a copy of this wonderful resource if it is still available. My email address is ewolterperry@frontier.com. Thank you and Merry Christmas

The Wards

i would be interested in a copy as well. my email is jdward28@gmail.com

Jessica Spencer

Is it still possible to get a pdf of this? I would really love one! candy_land224@yahoo.com


I would love to get a pdf. ndmarykay11@yahoo.com


I would love to do this for my boys and their families. If you are sharing ….rbcarter@xplornet.ca Thanks soo much <3

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