Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Pull Tab Cans Tutorial

I had seen cans like this all over the internet and thought they would make a great gift for my kids to give to their teachers.
This is what you need:
~A soup can that has a tab top. At first I bought another brand and realized the bottom of the can didn't have the right kind of lip. Campbell's soup's do!
~Cute Christmas paper and paper cutter
~Glue gun
~Ribbon, ric rac, ect for decoration
~Your choice of candy to fill the can.
~Filler for the very bottom, I used tissue paper.Start with your soup can.Empty or eat soup. Peel off label turn can up side down and open the BOTTOM of can with a can opener leaving about a half inch still connected. See picture above. Wash can well and dry..don't cut yourself!Decorate! Measure out paper to fit around the can and cut. Use glue gun, at various points, to glue paper to the can. I found it easier to lay the can on it's side and roll the paper on. Add ribbon and extras to your liking.Fill can with candy. I did mine in layers.Once you have about an inch left of space in the can stop putting candy in. Fill the last inch with a filler so that when you glue the lid shut you don't melt the candy.Using the glue gun hold the lid in its original position under the lip and lay a thick layer of glue all the way around the lid.I held the lid in place for a second to make sure it didn't pop back up above the lip.I didn't like the look of all the glue so I cut circles out and glued them on top so you couldn't see the glue mess.Tie a tag to the tab top and let the glue harden and Wala, you have a super cute gift to give to any teacher, bus driver, or mail man.



Very cute! The green pom-poms are a nice touch.


I love this idea! I'm totally doing this for my neighbors.


Oh my heck! This is genius! I love it! I can't wait to make these cute gifts for everyone!!!


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