Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Teacher Gift

My daughters last day of first grade is today! Last night I was racking my brain trying to think of something fun I could make for her teacher for the last day. We LOVE her teacher, she is amazing. This is what I decided on.
I remember seeing one like this awhile back and loved it. In fact I think I might do one for all my kids to go on the wall in my toy room.
All you need is:
An 8x10 shadow box, cardstalk paper, a box of crayons, elmers glue and a sharp knife.
I could have printed off her teachers name onto the paper but decided to use up my letter stickers. You could also print the big initial in light colored ink out on the paper as a guideline but I just drew and cut out the letter F on another paper and traced it lightly onto the cardstalk.
It's pretty self explanatory and is done in no time. A fun teachers gift that will stand out among all the teachers mugs she is probably going to get.



Very cute and colorful! I bet she loved it!

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