Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Magnetic Tin Advent Calendar

Christmas is in sight and coming at us fast.
I have seen tonz of fun advent calendars out there and wanted to try my hand at a new kind this year. Actually I am giving this one as a gift so I wanted to package it all cute too.
I started with 25 little tins that have see through windows on the lid and come in a clear little bucket.
Next ,I had planned on finding cute vintage Christmas pictures to put in the little windows but ended up just printing off some pretty numbers because I didn't have my number stamps at home. I made them a bit smaller than the lid so I could sandwich them between the window and clear contact paper...making them all sealed up and protected. (also you get a sneak peek of the next days goodies)
I used the paper inside the bucket they came in as a template and quickly cut out some Christmas paper to make the gift self storing and cuter.
Then I stuck a STRONG magnet in the center of each tin before I filled them all with some of my favorite Holiday treats.
I could have stopped right there but thought it would be fun to include a strip of paper inside each one that lists one activity or idea for you (or someone your giving it to) to do that day.
Some of the things I thought of were:
- Build a giant fort & have a tasty snack!
- Make a Christmas craft for your teachers at school.
- Christmas dance party! Listen to Christmas music & dance away...
- Curl up under a warm blanket & read a Christmas book.
- Hot cocoa & games night!
- Nail painting party! Paint your nails Christmas colors or paint someone else’s for them.
- Go for a drive to see our neighbors Christmas lights
-Christmas coloring & craft night!
All done! I packed them all in and they are ready to go.
I figure you can stick them on any magnetic surface, like a fridge, in any shape you want. But here is a tree:
and in rows: