Tuesday, February 15, 2011

kids valentines of 2011

3 different Valentines for 3 different kids= pain in the neck!!
I used my Silhouette and made these cute little candy envelopes for my 3 year old's friends in her music class. I used paper I already had and spent 2 dollars on candy to fill it. Easy to make and I saved some $$


I was crazy and thought I would make my son some easy chocolate suckers for his Kindergarten class. When I found my sucker molds, the only Valentines one I had was one with HUGE hearts and again I only had ONE mold pan (six at a time). It takes more chocolate than you think to fill those things. It took all night.


And finally my 7 year old is I guess "to cool" for regular valentines and wanted to make these super cute iPod Valentines. I loved these and they are put together rather quick. I got the idea online but they don't let you print out a ton at a time so my sweet mom made her own version in memory mixer and I think they are even cuter with the heart and Ellie's name.

*Note to self...Fred Meyer Valentines next year*


Rachel Garcia

I had more sucker molds, shoulda called me!!

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