Monday, April 11, 2011

Crap to Craft~ maternity shirt refashion


I have been organizing my closet and trying to downsize. So I came across a few shirts that I thought would be great to refashion into something for my girls. I was inspired by this adorable $40 skirt from JCrew.

I assure you this project does not even need a tutorial it is so self explanatory but here goes.
Oh, and because I despise doing tutorials this is the step I was on before I remembered to take a picture.

It was just a plain maternity Tee when I started out. I measured the length on my daughter to see where I wanted it to hit (plus a little over an inch for a casing) and cut the shirt straight across the top leaving the hem of the shirt as the bottom of the new skirt.

I grabbed some elastic and made a casing on the top of the shirt.

Wala....plain skirt done. But now I wanted to make it girly and nothing says girly better than ruffles. I didn't have any chiffon like the JCrew skirt used so I decided to skip it and just do the ruffles.

I cut one inch strips of fabric out of the rest of the shirt leftovers and sewed down the center with a long stitch and pulled the bobbin thread to make the ruffles

.I layed them where I wanted them...pinned and sewed them right on.



That's that!

I loved it so much that I grabbed another shirt...

and made one for my littlest daughter.




and FREE!!!



Great Job! Love them!


Adorable! You would probably be more interested in my other blog about sewing. The link is on the top left of my sidebar. It's
I sew for my 7 grandchildren amongst other things.
Thanks for stopping by.
I'm anxious to have time to go through your past posts and learn more about you.


Oh my goodness- those are SOOOO cute. I need to come over and have a sewing tutorial from you some day :)

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