Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Crap to Craft~ shabby apple inspired skirt

**BTW, I have started a new summer project- HERE- and would love your help!:)**

Ok, first off I have to explain that this project DID NOT start off as "Crap" that's just the name of my refashion posts. We got that straightened out? Great, In fact, this project actually started out as a beautiful dress.

A beautiful dress given to me by my sweet friend Tiffany who made it a little small so she mistakenly thought that I was small enough to fit into it.

Not the case.

I apparently have what some would call Swimmers Shoulders and couldn't even put my arms through.

I didn't want this beautiful fabric to go to waste and I remembered this beautiful skirt I saw over at Shabby Apple and I had to make it!!

I cut the top off the dress. I totally reshaped the bottom turning it into a pencil skirt and....believe it or not....put in MY VERY FIRST ZIPPER!!!!

I can not tell you how excited I was. I have been sewing for about 6 years and have always been afraid of zippers till now. Dumb. I have missed out on a world of possibilities.

So this is the finished project:

I think I am in love!

Pretty darn close to the one at Shabby Apple and custom fit to my rear.


More zippered skirts are in my future. Love. LOVE them.


Tiff @ Making The World Cuter

Oh I LOVE!!! Now you need to make me's only fair! :) Hee hee!


Thanks Tiff!
I agree, that would be fair!!
You say when and I'll do it. We need to do some fabric shopping.


I love how your skirt turned out! I'm still afraid of sewing on zippers but maybe I'll give it a try sometime :)


Super cute! I love it! I've been kind of scared of zippers as well . . . but I obviously need to get over it :-)

Rachel @ Maybe Matilda

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