Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Crap to Craft- bookshelf entertainment center (a work still in progress)

Last month my handy hubby took on the project of creating an entertainment center. We had previously been using my in laws and now we needed to fill the HUGE empty wall where it once was.

I wanted something light! I have slowly been going in different directions in my decorating and I really just wanted to de-clutter and brighten things up a bit.

Loverbuns, (he would die if he knew I called him that on here) started with white bookshelves from IKEA. Oh lovely, lovely IKEA.

And then he went to work.

This boy amazes me. So far this is the finished entertainment center...

It isn't quite done because as you can see 2 shelves are pretty empty and I am planning on lining the back of the shelves with a grey print contact paper or even wall paper if I can find it, just to add a touch of color. And then I need to figure out what I want hanging on the wall behind this whole thing?

So many options, I am loving it.

Big pat on the back to my very own handy manny.


Tiff @ Making The World Cuter

How about a big old photo of your adorable family next to a yellow wall... I think I know where you can find one of those! ;)
Looks good Scottybuns! (I don't think I should call him loverbuns...or scottybuns for that matter, but whatchyagonnado?)


Did you anchor the entertainment center to the wall? How does it work out with the plugs and whatnot? How about moving the piece? My husband and I would like to do this in our new home but I am worried about moving it to get to plugs and whatnot as we need or if the cable company ever needs to come. Thanks!

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