Thursday, May 17, 2012

teachers gifts

Our kids come from a long line of teachers. On both sides. Their Dad, their Grandpa's, Aunt's, Uncles, and Great Grandpa's. We know that the job of a teacher is very much under appreciated and under paid! This past week was teacher appreciation week and I always try to get something made for each of my kids teachers because we love them so much.

This year we made these super fun giant pencils filled with yummy treats and candy for each teacher.  (It wasn't until after Macie gave this one to her teacher that I realized I left an N off of the end of her name. Oops!)

They were so fun to make and deliver, all the kids in the classes thought they were so cool.

The kids have had such a great year and learned so much. WE LOVE OUR TEACHERS!

Another one of my Pinterest finds!!


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