Thursday, September 17, 2009

Blog Swap!

~Today I am trying something new!! Becca over at Blue Cricket Design asked me to do a blog swap with her and being a huge fan of hers, naturally I agreed!
So WELCOME Becca!!!
Hey there soon to be friends! I first need to thank Jamie for letting me invade her totally awesome blog! I'm a huge fan and I can see why you guys love hanging out over here!!!

I'm Becca. The Creative Director behind Blue Cricket Design!

I'm all about discovering new ways to express myself! Crafting, cooking, sewing and painting all have become my creative outlets. Being a mother to three girls is inspiration enough
and with the Holidays just around the corner I am sure to busy!
I love anything that gets my creative juices flowing! Come see what I've been up to. You'll find my collection of craft projects, sewing how to's, photoshop tutorials, recipes, giveaways and more!

Here's a few of my favorite projects I've got ready for you to enjoy...

Adult Skirt revamp

Retro Pattern Greeting Cards

Dresser Draw Ribbon Organizer

I'll also be drawing a winner for my Heather Bailey Giveaway this Sunday so come sign up to win either an autographed fat quarter or an autographed Pin cushion kit!

And be sure to check back next week for a giveaway from my favorite, Kitchen and Restaurant Supply Store Orson Gygi!

Lot's is happening!!

So consider yourself personally invited to Blue Cricket Design! Come and join in on all the fun! I can't wait to meet you!

Thanks Jamie for sharing your amazing space with me! Take care!


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