Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dress-up's closet

~Crap to Craft~

I am a huge collector of dress-up's. All kinds, I can't get enough. But my kids had overflowing drawers and baskets of them so my husband actually came up with the solution, Mr. Smartie Pants. I took this:
Old, broken dresser. And knocked out all of the drawers and their frames. (Forgot to take pictures of it before I knocked out the drawers) Painted it, and added one of these rods:
And this was the end result:

It de-clutters my girls room and it is very useful. I didn't paint the back of the inside of the dresser because I want to Mod Podge some cute paper on it but didn't have the right color on hand so that will be fixed later.
So next time you drive past a garage sale with an old dresser....think of the possibilities!!


Mod Podge Amy

You did great! I can't wait to see it Podged! :D

Megan @ Megity's Handmade

Clever! My daughters are strewn across her room. I think that she likes not being able to walk across her floor.


Love this! I added a link to it from my blog. Thanks for sharing!

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