Thursday, September 10, 2009

Christmas Advent Calender

I have seen a million Advent Calenders, but this one is my favorite. It is so cute and it is easy and fast to make. (again sorry for the pictures they were taken before I had a good camera)

What you need:

- metal mini muffin tin
- Christmas themed scrapbook paper, at least 4 different patterns and a few solid.
- Circle punches, in all different sizes ( for the one I made I didn't have punches so I cut them out by fun, but works just fine.)
- Coordinating color of ink to ink the edges of circles.
-Rubber stamp set of numbers, or you can print them.
- Magnate strips, and scissors to cut it into little squares.
- Embellishments: brads, ric rac, ect.
- Mod Podge
- A handy husband to drill 2 holes in top of muffin tin, or just a drill and your own muscles.
- Coordinating ribbon.
- Small circle peppermints or treats to go inside each day.



This is too cute! I am in love with advent calendars! This is by far my favorite one I've seen so far!

-nickk and whitleyy-

hmmm! i LOVEEE this. i'm a HUGE fan of any holiday decorations, Christmas of course being my favorite! i would love love LOVE for you to make me one! Is there anyway that we could work something out like that? I am definitely not crafty enough to do this myself, even with your picture tutorial! I found your blog through Blue Cricket Design and I just can't get enough! :)


comin' over from Blue Cricket Designs- LOVE this idea... sooo smart!


You need to market this!! Do you have an Etsy shop? I would totally buy one of these advents from you! I love holiday advents and this is by far the cutest this year! Very creative! LOVE IT!


How cute! Must make one..or two!


Where did you find your 24 cup muffin tin??


Hi Stacy,
My guess is that you can get one in almost any big store, I think I got mine at Wal-Mart.


GET.OUT. (I want that)


I just finished mine! Okay, so not all the way finished. It needs the holes drilled and the ribbon, but I'm super thrilled!! Thanks so much!

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