Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools Dinner

This is what we did last year for April Fools and my kids LOVED IT!!
We had a fun dinner where I had each of the kids, and grandma and grandpa come sit down and eat...split pea's and ham soup and mashed potatoes and gravy....
Or was it dessert? Of course it was dessert because on April Fools you have to do things a little backwards. Then everyone had to pick a number and then received a sack with that number on it.
Inside were their eating utensils for here to see more from my family blog last year.
It is a Super fun tradition for the fam!
This is what I am gonna try this year...


Philip, Melissa, & Summer

That is awesome. I think my daugther would expect that kind of broccoli every time we have dinner after that.


I love the broccoli idea! My daughter will love to have some!

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