Saturday, April 3, 2010

Doorway puppet theater

My niece is having a birthday this next week and I tried something new....
it is a doorway puppet theater. I am in love, and will probably be making it for the next few birthday parties my kids attend!!
I have the tutorial, just haven't gotten around to posting it yet, let me know if anyone is even interested in it! It is one of the easiest DIY projects!!



I would love the tutorial that is the cutest thing, and not a lot of bulk to store. How are you hanging it in the doorway?


Angie, I was going to try to just make it with the top folded over so you could slip one of those adjustable shower/closet rods inside and then it would fit in any doorway....but I kept it simple and just attached ribbon tabs that hook onto little tack nails on the side of the doorframe.


i would love it too :)

Crafty Girls Workshop

Yes! Post that tutorial, I would definately love to see it!

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